Show Highlights

This was Nexperia’ s first year at Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany (March 14-16th 2017). Nexperia was located at Hall 4A, booth 220 where visitors got a chance to visit our booth and explore all the latest application demonstrations from Logic, Discretes and MOSFETs business groups.

Product demonstration video's

Product Demonstrations

Nexperia had demonstrations for the LFPAK 5x6mm’s high current capability, the LFPAK for relay replacement automotive applications, and the Nexperia Logic bike.

LFPAK High current performances

The 5x6 mm LFPAK features high current in a small package with high current capability up to 300 ohms. The demonstration used a button to channel power through the MOSFET to demonstrate the diffusion of heat and current on a PCB.

LFPAK for relay replacement

The demonstration was centered around replacing relays in cars with discrete components like power MOSFETS or bipolar transistors. The display featured an electronic adjustable mirror controlled by relays and discrete components side by side. This demonstrated the benefits of replacing relays in order to cut down on space, noise, and power consumption.

Logic eBike

The Logic Bike demo featured a Configurable Logic display, NPIC LED Drivers, and the Low Power Logic Families. The Configurable Logic Devices display allowed users to reconfigure the logic functions to integrate several logic single gates into one logic device. The NPIC LED Driver display featured a shift register based interface with adjustable output voltage that allows users to cascade multiple shift registers to drive a complete interior with LEDs. The Low Power Logic Family demo featured a “fuel gauge” to illustrate the power consumption of the LVC, AUP, and AXP families.

Nexperia was also present with banners and demos at our main distributor’s booths, including Arrow, Future, Silica, and EBV.