NBM7100A/B battery life booster evaluation board

The NBM7100A/B evaluation board enables the evaluation of Nexperia battery booster products, which are integrated circuits intended to expand the lifetime and current capability of primary batteries (such as coin cell or Lithium Thionyl batteries). The integration of all necessary components and the associated intuitive GUI enable fast evaluation and development of new solutions.

NBM7100A/B evaluation board

Key features and benefits

> Plug-and-play​
   • Contains all necessary components,  except for CR2032 battery​
   • Includes a DIL converter board, enabling an easy evaluation of the product in an application prototype or on a breadboard​
> GUI included: all variants expose a USB to SPI/USB to I²C interface to allow control of the Battery booster from a PC application.​
> Designed for coin cell batteries like CR2032​
> Designed to evaluate the battery booster with electrolytic capacitors as a storage element

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