NCA9555 GPIO expander evaluation board

NEVB – NCA9555, the NCA95xx evaluation board, is an Arduino™ compatible shield form factor PCB​
designed for the Nexperia I²C controlled GPIO expander family. The board provides convenient test points for GND, I²C-Bus signals SCL and SDA as well as an interrupt open drain output. The EVB can be used for the GPIO expander derivatives NCA9555, NCA9535, NCA9539 and NCA9595.

NCA9555 GPIO expander evaluation board

Key features and benefits

> Input voltage = 1.6 V to 5.5 V​
I²C to parallel port expansion​
    >  Number of GPIOs = 2 ports with 8 bits​
>  Current drive capability = ± 25 mA​
>  I²C interface, Fast-Mode 400 kHz​
>  Open-drain active-low interrupt output​
>  Configurable slave address via 3 selection pins (2 pins for NCA9539)​
>  Low-active reset input (NCA9539)

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Nexperia NCA9555 I2C GPIO EVB Unboxing Video