USB Type-C ESD protection evaluation board

The NEVB21-USBC1 is an evaluation board for showcasing miniaturized ESD protection on the USB Type-C port. It features Nexperia’s new DFN0603-3 package which offers a 2-channel protection solution inside an industry standard 0201” (0603 mm) package. The DFN0603-3 footprint improves the RF behavior by less return loss through smaller solder pads.

NEVB21-USBC1: board and pin overview

Key features and benefits

  • Plug and Play application
  • TrEOS ESD protection in DFN0603-3
    • Capacitance down to 0.2pF 
    • Surge robustness up 11A
    • Clamping of a 4.4V @8A 8/20µs surge
  • Small footprint and high symmetry
  • DFN0603-3 is built on an industry-standard 0201” (0603mm) footprint

Key applications

  • Portable & Wearables
  • Notebooks interfaces
  • Computing interfaces
  • Automotive video interfaces
  • USB Type-C®
    • USB4 (Gen2 and Gen3) and USB3.2

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TrEOS ESD Protection for USB Type-C®

TrEOS Protection offers benchmark performance suitable for up to ~20Gbps per line pair, protecting the latest high-speed interfaces such as USB Type-C® (USB 2.0 / 3.2 / 4) or HDMI.

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