Professionalism is central to our work in Nexperia. It is one of the company’s core values, and is embedded in the career development of everyone who works here. At Nexperia, we offer global programs and initiatives which build upon professionalism, giving you clear opportunities to improve in your current position or develop towards a future role. As part of TeamNexperia, you will be able to develop your skills on an individual level, or in technical, functional or leadership areas. Wherever you work within our company, we encourage you to grow and enjoy your job.

Several programs provide the framework for your career development with us: Career Ladder, Leadership Programs, Talent Program and Training.

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Career ladder

We value those dedicated employees who want to further their career in technology and project management. These are important roles in Nexperia without direct staff responsibility, and which serve as an alternative to traditional management careers. Three Career Ladders are in place to recognize employees’ professional career path in several arenas:

1. Technical Career Ladder
2. Project Management Ladder
These focus heavily on effective project execution, innovation, creativity and expertise, highlighting the importance of these roles within Nexperia.
3. Management Ladder


Leadership programs

Nexperia has an established suite of Leadership Programs which help accelerate career growth for managers and emerging leaders within our company. Thought leadership, people leadership and self-leadership are a strong focus in these tailored programs of continual learning. Small groups are invited to attend short-session courses. Here, participants learn to develop the competence and personal strengths required to achieve organizational growth. With modules on Reflection, Leadership in Action and Application, each of the programs has been developed specifically to foster the valuable qualities required at senior levels: personal leadership, leading yourself, leading others and leading the business.

Talent program

The Nexperia Talent Program is all about making connections. Participants learn to connect to themselves, to the company, to useful networks, perspectives and possibilities, and to their future within the company. In this program, talented and ambitious members of TeamNexperia are helped to identify their potential, their drives and goals. Over the span of 22 weeks, participants will gain broader perspective on their work. At the end of the process, they will have valuable knowledge and experience that can be put to practical use in their development within Nexperia.


Working in ‘The Efficiency Company’ means working with the right tools, and knowledge is the most important tool for everyone in TeamNexperia. We work hard to ensure that practical and professional knowledge is freely available to you, both for your current role, and for your future growth. Webinars and on-demand training modules and courses are there to help you develop in your chosen field. We also encourage you to take advantage of the many resources available for skills training, competency development and general training, including project management, negotiation and presentation.