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Application and selection process

At TeamNexperia we work together to get things done efficiently. When you apply for a position here, we work with energy to process your application as swiftly as possible. Our aim is that every candidate will experience the Nexperia values throughout the hiring process:

Passion, Professionalism, Perseverance, Performance.


The hiring process follows these 6 phases:

  1. Applying for the job

    We list vacancies with details about each role, along with key responsibilities and requirements. Each vacancy is listed with an ‘Apply’ button which is clearly marked. If you find several roles that interest you, feel free to apply for each one. If you cannot find a specific suitable vacancy, you are welcome to submit your CV via the ‘general application’ button.

  2. Screening

    Initial screening is performed by our dedicated team of recruiters, based on your CV and motivational letter. If they indicate a sufficient match, your application will also be reviewed by a line manager. We will also check to see if your skills and goals are matched with other vacancies in Nexperia. You will be notified within 3 weeks of the screening outcome. At this point we will tell you whether to expect an invite for an interview.

  3. Interview(s)

    If you progress to this stage, expect several interviews with different stakeholders, including a line manager and/or recruiter. An interview can be face-to-face in one of our locations or via telephone/Skype call. We advise candidates to be well prepared for interviews, and to have a solid understanding of both the role you are applying for and the company Nexperia. Background research (including consulting our online channels) is an important part of this preparation and will help make the interview both more efficient and effective. 

  4. Selection

    After the first round of interviews is complete, you will be informed within a short time whether you will be invited for a second round. If you are selected outright for a position with the company, the process proceeds to phase 5: Proposal. If you have not been selected, we will inform you that at this time there is no match for the job you applied for. If you wish, you are welcome to begin the process again, applying for a different role in the company. 

  5. Proposal

    Reaching this stage in the recruitment process means that you have been selected as a suitable candidate to join TeamNexperia. Providing you also feel there is a good match with your own career wishes, we will make you a proposal of employment. This proposal will include salary details, terms and conditions of employment and a proposed starting date. Depending on the role you apply for, you may also be subject to a background check.   

  6. Welcome to TeamNexperia!

    Upon acceptance of the proposal, you will receive your contract with Nexperia. This includes an agreed starting date, and details of the onboarding process. This process is designed to help you become as comfortable as possible as quickly as possible, and to welcome you as an important new member of TeamNexperia. 


Onboarding at Nexperia is a journey that starts before your first day and continues until you are a fully integrated member of TeamNexperia. Our role is to make you feel welcome and provide you with all the information and resources you need to be comfortable in your new role. We have found that connecting with the people around you is an essential part of this process. To help start you off, we will assign you with a New Employee Buddy. Your Buddy will help with orientation, showing you around your new workplace and introducing you to the company. They will also serve as a reliable single point of contact for any questions that come up in the first days and weeks in your new job.


Interns are an important part of TeamNexperia. Each year, we invite high school and college interns to spend time in our company, getting a real taste of life in a fast-moving energetic semiconductors company. During their time with us, interns are treated as part of the team, and are given goals and responsibilities, while learning valuable life skills that can be put to real use in the workplace.

Many of our interns return after graduation to become full-time members of TeamNexperia.

Also interested in an internship?
Check out our available internships here or send your CV, motivation letter including your study and location and the period of the internship to: joinourteam@nexperia.com.

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Students visiting Nexperia's factory in China