Rewards and recognition

We are a fast-moving company that depends on our people—the energy that fuels our success—and we believe that great work should be rewarded. At Nexperia we try to make this more than a ‘Thank You’, and to make it as consistent and transparent as we can. So, we have a Rewards and Recognition policy to make sure that all those people who do great work are recognized for their efforts. 

Simply put: when you excel, take initiative and perform beyond expectations, when you show the values that make our company successful, you are rewarded in a meaningful way.

Your benefits as a member of TeamNexperia

We strive to attract and retain top-quality candidates to work at Nexperia. This is reflected in the highly competitive compensation and benefits packages on offer. Each of our locations offers an attractive work environment, with a selection of benefits designed to provide the ideal work/life balance. Specific benefits vary per region, and may include:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Annual incentive plan – additional compensation linked to company performance
  • Sales incentive plan
  • Discounted collective health insurance plans
  • Pension plans
  • Commuting allowance
  • Annual / paid leave 
  • Long-time service award
  • Employee assistance programs (incl. work/home balance, managing life changes, parenting)

We also offer a referral program for existing employees to help us attract new members for TeamNexperia. In this program, if you refer successful new hires to our recruiters, you earn rewards for each one.

Global company

Nexperia operations span the world, with a global culture based on knowledge sharing and inclusivity. To support the internal understanding of how we operate in different locations, we can offer the experience of working in a different country environment within the Nexperia network. Participants return with a greater understanding of our company, broader perspectives on their role, and further professional and personal growth.

Work life balance

We realize how important it is to balance your work with your personal obligations and life outside the company. Flextime and e.g. parental leave are all possible with Nexperia. You can discuss your needs and preferred working patterns with your manager, and we will do our best to accommodate these to find an agreeable match to your specific situation.

Nexperia Technical Forum 2018

Nexperia Technical Forum

Each year Nexperia organizes the Nexperia Technical Forum. Engineers from all over the world join the technical presentations aimed at creating, strengthening and improving Nexperia’s technical process. The best and most valuable presentations receive a ‘Best Paper Award’ that also includes a financial reward.