When you join our company, you join our team. As an integral member of TeamNexperia, you are part of a global network of colleagues who support you and challenge you to grow. TeamNexperia works together to get things done efficiently, with energy and passion. We have a culture of encouragement and collaboration, and we have learned that listening to each other is the best way to get results.

We work closely with our customers, partners and local communities. In this way, we combine our skills and efforts to expand our capabilities, meeting and exceeding expectations. In this company we really pride ourselves on going the extra mile to achieve world-class results. Teamwork makes this happen, which means 11,000 individuals, working as one—TeamNexperia.



Performance Management

Performance is an important Nexperia value, and we reward members of TeamNexperia based on their contribution towards the company's success. We use an advanced Performance Management system to help us in this, by aligning individual goals and priorities with the Nexperia strategy. Your personal success here—your engagement with your work and your growing role in the company—is in direct line with the success of the company. Performance Management uses the milestones Plan, Progress and Evaluate to chart your career trajectory, linking your individual contribution to our overall organizational goals. This is an efficient and effective way to help you to develop your skills and strengths, and to progress in your career with Nexperia.

Your opinion counts

Listening is something we do well at Nexperia. We listen to the market and provide what our customers need to be successful in their industry. But before that, we listen to the needs and opinions of our people. TeamNexperia is a culture where people support and encourage each other, where we grow and learn. We provide multiple channels where you can tell us your thoughts on any subject. 

If you have any concerns about quality or safety, for example, you can speak to your line manager or another member of your team. If you have suggestions for improvement, these are always welcome. And we regularly conduct internal surveys, to get a clear picture of how we are doing as a company. You are encouraged to participate, as your voice is an essential part of Nexperia. We can only learn to develop if we know where we can improve, so please, use your voice.