Joyce from Cabuyao – Quality & Reliability Admin Assistant

“The best part of working in Nexperia is that we are a solid team that works with enthusiasm and eagerness to win. The way we do things and the speed of how things get done significantly changed when we became Nexperia, and this shows the level of excitement, engagement and resolve TeamNexperia has. With this kind of drive and energy, we are capable in achieving and attaining all our goals and whatever our mind sets to achieve. It’s important to know how to deal, work  and support the team in ensuring ATCB/Nexperia deliver not only good quality products, but also good quality service. It is at the same time very interesting to see the different perspectives brought about by the different positions and assignments. One thing is for sure though, everyone wants to achieve great Quality in all levels. I am proud to be a part of TeamNexperia.”