Welcome to Nexperia Power Live 2021

View recorded live sessions and on-demand video demos on GaN, MOSFETs, power diodes and bipolar transistors for automotive and industrial applications.


  • 21 September 2 hours
    Live sessions
    14:30 CET MOSFET body-diode behaviour, Optimising Qrr & VSD to give efficiency gains & reduced spiking
    15:00 CET Managing in-rush current & hot SOA curves when designing with Power MOSFETs
    15:30 CET Why would you need a 500 A MOSFET?
    16:00 CET Case-study: How Nexperia Trench Schottky rectifiers improve efficiency of Recom power supply RACM1200-V


  • 22 September 2 hours
    Live sessions
    14:30 CET Using behavioural MOSFET models for early debugging of EMI issues in power electronic applications
    15:00 CET How to maintain reliability and performance in Automotive using repetitive avalanche MOSFETs
    15:30 CET Paralleling MOSFETs in high power applications
    16:00 CET How to achieve extra efficiency and reliability in LED drivers or solenoid drives by choosing the most suitable power diode

Gallium Nitride (GaN)

  • 23 September 3 hours
    Live sessions
    14:30 CET Paralleling GaN FETs
    15:00 CET New CCPAK double pulse evaluation board
    15:30 CET Switching evaluation of fast GaN devices
    16:00 CET GaN quality & reliability
    16:30 CET Panel discussion

GaN panel discussion

  • 23 September
    Live session

    GaN panel discussion

    Moderated by: 

    Maurizio di Paolo Emilio - Editor in Chief, Power Electronics News

    • Caroline O’Brien – CEO, Kubos Semiconductors
    • Dr. Temoc Rodriguez – Chief Engineer, Ricardo
    • Mikael Björk – CEO, Hexagem AB
    • Dr Dilder Chowdhury – Director of Strategic Marketing, Nexperia
    • Jim Honea - GaN Applications Director, Nexperia

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Aanas Sayed
Aanas Sayed Graduate Applications Engineer
Andy Berry
Andy Berry Principal Applications Engineer
Andrei Velcescu
Andrei Velcescu Automotive Applications Engineer
Caroline O’Brien
Caroline O’Brien CEO - Kubos Semiconductors Ltd
Christian Radici
Christian Radici Automotive Applications Engineer
Dilder Chowdhury
Dilder Chowdhury Strategic Marketing Director - GaN FETs
Giuliano Cassataro
Giuliano Cassataro GaN Marketing & Commercial Director
Jan Fischer
Jan Fischer Senior Product Manager
Jenny Feng
Jenny Feng Automotive Applications Engineer
Jim Honea
Jim Honea GaN Applications Director
Joyce Yu
Joyce Yu Senior Strategic Marketing Manager
Manikant Singh
Manikant Singh GaN Quality Architect
Maurizio di Paolo Emilio
Maurizio di Paolo Emilio Editor in Chief - Power Electronics News
Mikael Björk
Mikael Björk CEO - Hexagem AB
Mike Becker
Mike Becker Senior Product Marketing Manager
Nandor Bodo
Nandor Bodo Automotive Applications Engineer
Neil Massey
Neil Massey Product Marketing Manager
Nima Lotfi
Nima Lotfi Application Marketing Manager
Norman Stapelberg
Norman Stapelberg Product Marketing Manager
Olarotimi Abimbola
Olarotimi Abimbola Student Power Applications Engineer
Petra Beekmans
Petra Beekmans Head of Global Communications & Branding
Phil Ellis
Phil Ellis Automotive Applications Engineer
Reza Behtash
Reza Behtash Application Marketing Manager
Richard Daley
Richard Daley Power Applications Engineer
Richard Ogden
Richard Ogden Product Marketing Manager
Robby Ferdinandus
Robby Ferdinandus Global Head of Marketing
Sami Ould-Ahmed
Sami Ould-Ahmed Application Engineering Manager
Scott Durkin
Scott Durkin Senior GaN Applications Engineer
Sebastian Fahlbusch
Sebastian Fahlbusch Application Marketing Manager
Sebastian Klötzer
Sebastian Klötzer GaN Applications Engineer
Siva Uppuluri
Siva Uppuluri Senior International Product & Marketing Manager
Stein Nesbakk
Stein Nesbakk Power Applications Engineer
Steve Roberts
Steve Roberts Innovation Manager - RECOM
Steven Waterhouse
Steven Waterhouse Product Marketing Manager
Tee Chun Keong
Tee Chun Keong Marketing Product Manager - Broadcom
Temoc Rodriguez
Temoc Rodriguez Chief Engineer - Ricardo Plc