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Nexperia's new fully electrothermal MOSFET models

Nexperia's new fully electrothermal MOSFET models
Maximize SMPS efficiency with Nexperia’s 200 V PNE recovery rectifier series
Strength and benefits of Nexperia’s power bipolar transistors in high voltage applications
Using behavioural MOSFET models for early debugging of EMI issues in power electronic ... This is a recording of a live session
Paralleling MOSFETs in high power applications This is a recording of a live session
How to achieve extra efficiency and reliability in LED drivers or solenoid drives by ... This is a recording of a live session

MOSFET and GaN FET Application Handbook


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Andy Berry Principal Applications Engineer
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Andrei Velcescu Automotive Applications Engineer
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Christian Radici Automotive Applications Engineer
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Jan Fischer Senior Product Manager
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Jenny Feng Automotive Applications Engineer
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Neil Massey Product Marketing Manager
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Norman Stapelberg Product Marketing Manager
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Phil Ellis Automotive Applications Engineer
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Reza Behtash Application Marketing Manager
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Richard Ogden Product Marketing Manager
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Sebastian Fahlbusch Application Marketing Manager