High voltage transistors

Our low power loss, fast bipolar families of high-voltage transistors are ideally suited to high frequency switching in any powered application

In need of bipolar transistors that can withstand high voltage pulses (EMI requirements)? Then check out our high voltage devices with breakdown voltages from up to 400 V. Our HV transistors are fit for purpose for LCD backlighting, HID front lighting and half-bridge switches in CFL lighting applications.

Key features and benefits

  • High VCEO
  • Low VCEsat

Key applications

  • Hook switch for wired telecom
  • LED driver for high currents, LCD backlighting
  • Half-bridge switch in CFL lighting
  • Switched mode power supply (low power)
  • HID front lighting

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High voltage transistors
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Type number Description Status Quick access
BF620; BF622 NPN high-voltage transistors ACT
BF620 NPN high-voltage transistors Production
BF622 NPN high-voltage transistors Production
BF621; BF623 PNP high-voltage transistors ACT
BF621 PNP high-voltage transistors Production
BF623 PNP high-voltage transistors Production
BF720; BF722 NPN high-voltage transistors ACT
BF720 NPN high-voltage transistors Production
BF722 NPN high-voltage transistors Production
BF820; BF822 NPN high voltage transistors ACT
BF820 NPN high voltage transistors Production
BF822 NPN high voltage transistors Production
BF821; BF823 PNP high voltage transistors ACT
BF821 PNP high voltage transistors Production
BF823 PNP high voltage transistors Production
PMST5550; PMST5551 NPN high-voltage transistors ACT
PMST5550 NPN high-voltage transistors Production
PMST5551 NPN high-voltage transistors Production
BF723 PNP high-voltage transistor Production
BF820W NPN high-voltage transistor Production
BSP19 NPN high-voltage transistors Production
BSR19A NPN high voltage transistors Production
BSS63 PNP high-voltage transistor Production
BST39 NPN high-voltage transistors Production
MMBTA42 NPN high-voltage transistor Production
MMBTA92 PNP high-voltage transistor Production
PMBT5550 NPN high-voltage transistor Production
PMBT5551 NPN high-voltage transistor Production
PMBTA42 300 V, 100 mA NPN high-voltage transistor Production
PMBTA42DS NPN/NPN high-voltage double transistors Production
PMBTA92 PNP high-voltage transistor Production
PMSTA42 NPN high-voltage transistors Production
PMSTA92 PNP high-voltage transistor Production
PXTA42 300 V, 100 mA NPN high-voltage transistor Production
PXTA92 300 V, 100 mA PNP high-voltage transistor Production
PZTA42 NPN high-voltage transistor Production
PZTA44 NPN high-voltage transistor Production
PZTA92 PNP high-voltage transistor Production

Marcom graphics (1)

File name Title Type Date
SC-73_SOT223_mk plastic, surface-mounted package with increased heatsink; 4 leads; 4.6 mm pitch; 6.5 mm x 3.5 mm x 1.65 mm body Marcom graphics 2017-01-28

Selection guide (1)

File name Title Type Date
Nexperia_Selection_guide_2020 Nexperia Selection Guide 2020 Selection guide 2020-01-31

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