BAS19; BAS20; BAS21

General purpose diodes

The BAS19, BAS20 and BAS21 are general purpose diodes fabricated in planar technology, and encapsulated in a small SOT23 plastic SMD package.


  • Small plastic SMD package
  • Switching speed: max. 50 ns
  • General application
  • Continuous reverse voltage: max. 100 V; 150 V; 200 V
  • Repetitive peak reverse voltage: max. 120 V; 200 V; 250 V
  • Repetitive peak forward current: max. 625 mA

Target applications

  • General purpose switching in e.g. surface mounted circuits

Documentation (1)

File nameTitleTypeDate
nexperia_selection_guide_2019_201901Selection guide 2019. Discretes, Logic and MOSFETsSelection guide2018-12-12


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