Power and efficiency in innovative SMD copper-clip packages

As the innovators of copper-clip package technology, Nexperia brings almost 20 years experience of producing high-quality, high-robustness SMD packaging to it’s GaN FET portfolio. Adopting proven technology, CCPAK gives industry-leading performance in a truly innovative package. Wire-bond free for optimized thermal and electrical performance, and simplified design of cascode configuration to eliminate the need for complicated drivers and controls.


Top-side and bottom-side cooling

For added flexibility in designs and to further improve heat dissipation, CCPAK is available in both top-side cooling and traditional bottom-side cooling package designs.

The first in the portfolio of GaN SMD packages, the CCPAK1212 and CCPAK1212i have a compact footprint of only 12 x 12 mm and a low package height of 2.5 mm.

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Key features and benefits

  • Copper-clip
    • 3 times lower inductances than industry-standard packages for lower switching losses and EMI
    • Higher reliability compared to wire-bond solution
  • Thermal performance
    • Low Rth(j-mb) typ (<0.5 K/W) for optimal cooling
    • 175 °C Tj max
  • Manufacturability and robustness
    • Flexible leads for temperature cycling reliability
    • Flexible gull winged leads for robust board level reliability
    • Compatible with SMD soldering and AOI
  • Two cooling options
    • Bottom-side cooling (CCPAK1212)
    • Top-side cooling (CCPAK1212i)
  • Plan for Qualifications
    • AEC-Q101
    • MSL1
    • Halogen free

Key applications

  • Automotive EV
    • On board charging
    • DC-to-DC converters
    • Traction inverters
  • Industrial
    • Telecom and server Titanium grade power supplies
    • Industrial vehicle charging
    • Solar (PV) inverter
    • AC servo drive / Frequency inverters
    • Battery storage/UPS inverters


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sot8000_3d Plastic, surface mounted copper clip package (CCPAK1212) 13 terminals, 2.0 mm pitch, 12 mm x 12 mm x 2.5 mm body Outline 3d 2020-03-16
nexperia_brochure_gan_202006 Nexperia GaN FETs brochure Brochure 2020-06-04

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