MOSFETs for high-power PoE

MOSFETs for high-power PoE – more than 2x the protection of competitive devices

New standards and proprietary approaches are enabling the next generation of power-over-ethernet (PoE) systems. Such systems are capable of delivering up to 100 W to each powered device. For example, large screen LCD displays, 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi hot-spots and pan-tilt-zoom CCTV cameras are placing increased demands on PoE power sourcing equipment (PSE). These requirements include "soft-start" procedures, resilience to short-circuits, thermal management and power density.

Part of the “NextPower Live” portfolio, Nexperia’s PoE MOSFETs have been designed specifically to complement the latest high-power, PSE controllers from companies such as Linear Technology Corporation and Maxim. Our MOSFETs offer more than 2x the protection of competitive devices, together with low RDS(on) parameters in a cost-effective, industry-standard, LFPAK33 package.

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MOSFETs for high-power PoE
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Type number Description Status Quick access
PSMN040-100MSE N-channel 100 V 36.6 mΩ standard level MOSFET in LFPAK33 designed specifically for high power PoE applications Production
PSMN075-100MSE N-channel 100 V 71 mΩ standard level MOSFET in LFPAK33 designed specifically for PoE applications Production


File name Title Type Date
Nextpower_POE MOSFETs for high-power PoE Marcom graphics 2013-07-22
nexperia_selection_guide_2019_201901 Selection guide 2019. Discretes, Logic and MOSFETs Selection guide 2018-12-12

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