General questions

You can find the production status on the product pages of our website. When a product has been discontinued, and/or shouldn’t be used for new designs anymore, it is clearly indicated on the top of the product page (see image). If you still have any questions about product statuses, please contact our support team via http://www.nexperia.com/support/technical-support-form.html

Each product page contains a link to the chemical contents of that part in the quality table. You can also view the chemical contents of a part by entering the following URL: http://www.nexperia.com/chemical-content/[type-number].html You will need to replace [type-number] with the specific part number you are looking for, but without the packaging information (after the comma). So for example for part 2N7002,215 the link will be: http://www.nexperia.com/chemical-content/2N7002.html

You can check our CAGE code here.

Via https://github.com/Nexperia/data.nexperia.com/wiki you can download data files to check Nexperia’s current part catalogue. Data feeds are available via https://github.com/Nexperia/data.nexperia.com/wiki/Product-data-feed. Access to the data feed is available only to registered users. To get access to the feed API, please email us.

Please check the tab ‘Documentation’ on the product pages. If the model is not listed, we don’t have it available unfortunately.

This code refers to the method of packing. In this example, it’s ‘Reel 7" Q3/T4’. There are also parts where there is no longer ,xxx but a single letter identifier, for example: http://www.nexperia.com/products/diodes/schottky-rectifiers/medium-power-low-vf-schottky-rectifiers-single-200-ma/PMEG10030ELP.html We have PMEG10030ELPX for orderable part#, i.e. the X is then the ,xxx coding.

The information on tariff code and ECCN is not available on Nexperia.com. For direct Nexperia customers, please send an email to info@nexperia.com or contact your designated customer service representative to obtain tariff code and ECCN information. Please be sure they include all company contact information, Nexperia customer number, part number and what the device will be used for in your request.


Please visit http://www.nexperia.com/about/worldwide-locations/sales-offices.html to contact one of your local sales offices, they can help you retrieve additional information. You can contact local distributors and partners via http://www.nexperia.com/about/worldwide-location

Yes, you can. On product pages you can choose if you would like to buy that specific product from Nexperia or from one of our distributors. Also visit our New Product Introductions shop!

You can contact our Customer Support center via support@eshop.nexperia.com. You should receive a response within 24 hours of receipt of the message, if not the same business day. If you require immediate assistance, you may contact the Customer Support Center directly via (682) 518-7053.