At Nexperia, we frequently organize live seminars on various topics. Did you miss one of our live seminars? Don't worry, just re-watch the seminars here! 

Digital seminar: Lost in translation - Selecting the right translator

This webinar series covers the multitude of solutions available in voltage translation, also known as level shifting. Session 1 addresses the technical requirements for translation and look at the wide variety of options for translation. While session 2 looks at very specific applications and identifies the best translator solution.

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Digital seminar: Understanding advanced logic translators and level shifters

The digital seminar will focus on Nexperia translators for special applications: auto direction sense, multi-voltage translators, I2C and SIM/SD card interfaces. Session 1 will provide an overview of translator technology, product overviews and Nexperia’s strategy and roadmap for these devices. While Session 2 will provide detailed configuration and application information.

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Digital seminar: Fundamentals of ESD Protection

This digital seminar will consist of an overview of ESD sources and effects.  Technical requirements and Standards for Industrial and Automotive for ESD test levels will be reviewed.  The key data sheet parameters in ESD protection components, and implementation examples will also be presented. 

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Digital seminar: Automotive ESD Protection

This digital seminar will consist of ESD protection of common Automotive and Consumer data networks and buses, including the latest technology for Automotive Ethernet 100 and 1000BaseT1. 

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Digital seminar: Logic Applications and Design

In this seminar, applications and innovations in logic devices for the automotive and industrial markets will be covered. It will focus on on Q100 reliability certification, preferred package types for high reliability applications, analog switch design including current injection and thermal resistance measurements.

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Digital seminar: Logic Device Selection

This seminar will cover Logic device selection from the wide variety of process and packages available as well as roadmaps and new product introductions. We are also pleased to announce the latest in our series of Engineering Handbooks - “Logic Applications”.

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