PNP general purpose transistors

PNP transistor in a SOT323 plastic package.

NPN complements: BC846W, BC847W and BC848W.


  • Low current (max. 100 mA)
  • Low voltage (max. 65 V).
  • AEC-Q101 qualified

Target applications

  • General purpose switching and amplification.


Type numberPackage versionPackage nameSize (mm)PolarityConfigurationPtot (mW)VCEO [max] (V)IC [max] (mA)hFE [min]hFE [max]
BC857CWSOT323SC-702 x 1.25 x 0.95PNP1200-45-100420800


Type numberPackageOutline versionReflow-/Wave solderingPackingStatusMarkingOrderable part number, (Ordering code (12NC))
Reel 11¼" Q1/T1 in LargePackActive3G%BC857CW,135
( 9340 218 60135 )
Reel 7" Q1/T1Active3G%BC857CW,115
( 9340 218 60115 )
Reel 7" Q1/T1ActiveStandard MarkingBC857CW/MIX
( 9340 696 45115 )


Type numberOrderable part numberChemical contentRoHS / RHFLeadfree conversion dateEFRIFRMTBF (hour)MSLMSL leadfree
BC857CWBC857CW,135BC857CWweek 30, 2003141.00.661.52E911
BC857CWBC857CW,115BC857CWweek 30, 2003141.00.661.52E911
BC857CW/MIBC857CW/MIXBC857CW/MIAlways Pb-free141.00.661.52E911
Quality and reliability disclaimer

Documentation (13)

File nameTitleTypeDate
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SOT323_135Tape reel SMD; standard product orientation 12NC ending 135Packing2012-11-16
SOT323_115Tape reel SMD; standard product orientation 12NC ending 115Packing2012-11-16
Reflow_Soldering_ProfileReflow Soldering ProfileReflow soldering2013-12-23
SOT323plastic, surface-mounted package; 3 leads; 1.3 mm pitch; 2 mm x 1.25 mm x 0.95 mm bodyOutline drawing2017-01-31


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File nameTitleTypeDate
BC857CWBC857CW SPICE modelSPICE model2012-07-22


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