Electronic Power Steering

By magnifying driving wheel movement, electric power steering (EPS) systems make steering easier. Additional torque is provided by brushless DC motors due to their compact size and relatively low system cost, with increasing safety requirements driving the introduction of dual-redundancy systems. Brushless DC motors also provide improved performance, longer lifetimes, reduced noise, increased reliability and ease of installation.

Block diagram

Highlighted components are Nexperia focus products

Design considerations

  • Dual-redundancy designs require greater power densities and space saving, enabled by LFPAK88
  • System must be able to handle worst-case current and thermal surges caused by torque assistant pulses
  • Protect against EMI noise by ensuring sufficient suppression and filtering


Driving efficiency takes pole position

Today’s cars are undergoing the greatest transformation the industry has seen. Continued electrification is resulting in significant change from the engine right through to the cloud. Consistently delivering the right functionality, with the right performance, in the right package is how Nexperia is helping ‘driving efficiency’ win.

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