In-Vehicle Network (CAN FD / LIN / FlexRay / Ethernet) protection

The car is an extremely interconnected system, with over 100 ECUs all attempting to communicate with other systems in the car. To manage increased complexity and higher data rates as new versions of existing protocols find their way into vehicle networks (CAN FD, Ethernet), the classic flat wiring harness architecture is changing to a domain and zonal architecture with Automotive Ethernet as the backbone. Offering increased system robustness, our IVN bus line protection solutions are well suited to automotive bus protection without impeding signal integrity in this electrically noisy environment.

Block diagram

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Design considerations

  • High ESD robustness up to 30 kV and high surge currents up to 3.5 A (8/20µs)
  • Excellent ESD clamping behavior
  • Operate at a low capacitance avoiding any unwanted circuit disturbances
  • Asymmetrical internal diode configuration, ensures optimized electromagnetic immunity

Dedicated Automotive ESD Handbook

Download or order a hard copy of the Automotive Edition of Nexperia’s ESD Design Engineer’s Guide and get a better understanding of Automotive ESD protection topologies and failure symptoms as well as testing and simulation for modern interfaces.

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Getting ESD protection right for CAN FD

Autonomous driving and electrification are pushing the evolution of automotive wiring harness and driving the growing demand for high-speed data transmission and high band-width to realize advanced driver assistant systems. 

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