One of the clearest trends in automotive is the electrification of the powertrain. In turn that is driving innovation in chassis, safety, lighting, body electronics and infotainment systems. As a key supplier to the automotive industry discover our innovation capability with expertise across MOSFETs, GaN FETs and SiGe rectifiers, as well as ESD protection and Analog and Logic.


Automotive H-bridge DC motor control reference design using Nexperia components

Product demonstrator
Automotive H-bridge DC motor control reference design using Nexperia components Product demonstrator
Demonstrating thermal strength of LFPAK56 power bipolar transistors in linear voltage ... Product demonstrator
DFN packages for automotive applications Product introduction

The compact package standard with side-wettable flanks for small and light automotive diodes and transistors.
Silicon Germanium rectifiers: a novel diode technology with enhanced safe operating ... Technology insights

Silicon Germanium rectifiers combine the high efficiency of Schottky rectifiers with the thermal stability of fast recovery diodes. We discuss the novel diode technology and its technical advantages. Also, we review results of a 48V/12V-DC-DC high-frequency converter that utilizes these Silicon Germanium rectifiers.
Enhancing thermal performance of CFP60 with top side cooling Product demonstrator
Thermal performance advantage of clip-bond FlatPower CFP60 package Technology insights

Sophisticated package technology combined with efficient cooling is a prerequisite when moving to high power density design. We review the results of our top side cooling demonstrator that utilizes a CFP60 and the footprint compatible D2PAK. The clip-bond package stays 34°C cooler or dissipates more power. And we will show you why!
Technologies for automotive hybrid vehicles Technology insights

In this session we will take a look at the systems that we expect to see coming onto the 48V bus, and dive into the technical details of 48V/12V DCDC application which is at the heart of the system. We will discuss our discrete solutions for this including SiGe rectifier, Schottky diodes and our new Trench 12 80V/100V MOSFET technology
Introducing Automotive ESD protection Product introduction

High ESD robustness is key to ensuring the reliable, high performance of automotive applications. The trend toward increasing data payload in vehicles due to electrification and connectivity challenges hardware engineers with ESD robustness decrease. In addition, new protocols such as CAN-FD or OPEN Alliance Ethernet accelerate this trend.
To ensure performance and reliability at high data rates, Nexperia offers solutions to raise the system-level ESD robustness up to 30 kV.
ESD protection for automotive interfaces Technology insights

The video focusses on ESD protection of common Automotive and Consumer data networks and buses, including the latest technology for Automotive Ethernet 100 and 1000BaseT1.
Automotive 48V/12V bidirectional DC/DC converter demonstrator Product demonstrator
LFPAK88 copper clip SMD package Product introduction
Under the hood of LFPAK88 Technology insights

Nexperia pioneered the copper-clip SMD power package almost two decades ago. With years of experience, shipping billions of high-reliability products into the automotive industry, what makes this package so unique? And how have we taken that experience and applied it to an extended package family offering?
P-Channel LFPAK56 (Power-SO8) MOSFETs in automotive applications Technology insights

Taking an engineers look at the operation, simplicity of circuit implementation, thermal benefits and board level reliability when using P-Channel LFPAK56 devices in an Automotive Application.
Logic for Automotive and Industrial Applications Technology insights
I²C Bus Repeaters and Autosense Voltage Translators Technology insights

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Andreas Hardock
Andreas Hardock Application Marketing Manager ESD Protection & EMI
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Andrew Thomson Principle Application Engineer
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Burkhard Laue Application Support Manager
Chris Boyce
Chris Boyce Marketing & Product Group Director - Power MOSFETs
Christian Backhaus
Christian Backhaus Application Marketing Manager
Dilder Chowdhury
Dilder Chowdhury Strategic Marketing Director - GaN FETs
Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy Strategic Marketing Manager - MOSFETs
Jim Honea
Jim Honea GaN Applications Director
Lukas Droemer
Lukas Droemer Application Marketing Manager ESD Protection & EMI
Malte Struck
Malte Struck Product Marketing Manager - MOSFETs
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Nima Lotfi Application Marketing Manager
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Norman Stapelberg Product Marketing Manager
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Reza Behtash Application Marketing Manager
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Sami Ould-Ahmed Application Engineering Manager
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Sebastian Fahlbusch Application Marketing Manager
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Tom Wolf Senior Technical Applications Manager
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Ali Aneissi PhD Student, Helmut Schmidt University
Ashish Jha
Ashish Jha Global Product Manager