Wired and wireless fast charging

Today’s electronic products in our connected world must re-charge quickly, whether it is via wired or wireless charging connections. For the fast, direct battery charging standards today’s users are demanding, we need to be able to go beyond the 1 C limit. The USB power delivery (PD) architecture is excellent for end-to-end power support and provides quick charging possibilities through a device’s USB port or via a USB Type-C wireless charging unit. USB PD extends beyond USB Battery Charging to allow up to 240 W charging, power support and role swap for system power optimization.

Block diagram

Highlighted components are Nexperia focus products

Design considerations

  • Both wired and wireless charging via USB Type-C PD, up to 48 V / 5 A
  • Power adapter / charger dynamically controls voltage and current for optimum charging rate beyond 1 C limit
  • Growing demand for low voltage e-mode GaN FETs, particualrly for fast-charging architectures
  • Complex monitoring and fault protection allows for optimum and safe battery charging conditions
  • Option to replace DC/DC regulator in handset with back-to-back MOSFETs, reduces DC/DC losses in handset
  • Delivers more power directly to the battery with less handset heating
  • Lower battery temperature provides improved safety, reliability & longevity of battery

DFN0606 MOSFETs: efficiency in the smallest packages

Getting more from less is the mantra in mobile and portable applications, especially wearables. By using the most efficient switching options available, designers can get more room to embed functionality while minimising battery drain. The release of Nexperia’s new small-signal MOSFETs in the ultra-small DFN0606, delivers significant space savings with the lowest RDS(on).


What does good ESD protection look like?

With greater system complexity and ever-increasing sensitivity, it is vital to understand what good ESD protection looks like and how to choose the right ESD protection device – fit for the system and its application.


Efficiency is key to squeezing more features into mobile phones and peripherals

Efficiency is key to squeezing more features into mobile phones and peripherals