Antenna protection (NFC / Bluetooth)

The NFC antenna is often integrated into the battery cover or the battery itself and connected to the NFC ICs via small contacts on the phone. These contacts are a perfect entry point for ESD strikes, which are potentially hazardous to the NFC circuitry. Therefore the use of external ESD protection is strongly recommended. And there’s no better way to protect your NFC systems from transient voltages than with solutions from the global leader in ESD protection.

Block diagram

Highlighted components are Nexperia focus products

Design considerations

  • Using solutions with very low capacitance (0.35 pF) enables easy design of the antenna matching circuit
  • Higher breakdown voltages fo 18 / 24 V
  • For the antenna circuit to maintain strong signal integrity, intermodulation distortion must be avoided. To achieve this use protection diodes that have diode capacitance with very small voltage dependency.
  • Ensure your design meets regulations: ESD robustness of up to 10 kV according to IEC61000-4-2
  • In compact systems, a very small package e.g. DFN1006-2 (SOD882) / DSN0603-2 (SOD962) saves space

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