Celebrating 20 years of LFPAK

Two decades ago, Nexperia transformed the semiconductor industry with a unique clip-bond package for power MOSFETs, this disruptive innovation was called LFPAK. It was revolutionary, offering radical performance improvements that gave early adopters more than they dared hope for in a MOSFET ...
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Nexperia introduces the first application-specific MOSFETs (ASFETs) for hotswap in SMD copper-clip LFPAK88 packaging for 60% reduced footprint

Nijmegen -- Additional 40% lower RDS(on) and increase power density by 58x for telecom & computing hot-swap computing applications
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Nexperia Bolsters its Range of CFP Power Diodes

Ongoing growth in clip-bonded FlatPower (CFP) manufacturing capacity and portfolio serves increasing demand from modern automotive and industrial applications.
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Keeping your Industrial and Power applications running

Nexperia addresses the needs of Industrial and Power customers. It requires proven quality and stable high-volume supply alongside lifetime reliability and product longevity. By producing over 100 billion products annually across a broad portfolio of products and packages, Nexperia keeps the ...
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Automotive application designs

Today’s cars are undergoing the greatest transformation the industry has seen. Continued electrification is resulting in significant change from the engine right through to the cloud. Get your application designs and recommendations for products right here at Nexperia.
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The new Bipolar Discretes Q-portfolio

Nexperia introduces future-proof automotive portfolio for Bipolar Discretes | The Q-Portfolio. On top of all automotive standards (e.g. AEC-Q101) Nexperia always enhanced its preeminent quality level by close consultation of its industry leading customer base. With this dedicated automotive ...
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