Smart electricity e-meter

Traditional analog electricity meters had one key function, to safely and reliably measure accumulated energy consumption over time (kWh). As we have moved towards renewable sources, car charging and home batteries as well as remote meter reading, smart e-meters are becoming increasing a statutory requirement. Enabling enhanced and expandable functionality based on the remote collection of energy usage data, smart meters form an integral part of the Smart Grid architecture.

Block diagram

Highlighted components are Nexperia focus products

Design considerations

  • LFPAK series of low-voltage MOSFETs together with high-performance CFP Schottky Diodes help deliver high-efficiency DCDC converter solutions
  • High Robustness using Nexperia's reliable clip-bonding package technology
  • Low power consumption / no heat for improved efficiency
  • Wide portfolio of small leadless packages allows size reduction and improved thermal performance

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AN90009 - Leakage of small-signal MOSFETs

Device current leakage is an important factor for the energy consumption of a circuit application. This is especially true for mobile electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, wearables or medical  devices  as  the  off-state  current  leakage  may  influence  battery  life  and  therefore  operation time.