Nexperia H-bridge motor controller power supply circuit

The H-bridge circuit is a full bridge DC-to-DC converter allowing operation of a brushed DC motor (48 V max, 12 V min, 5 A max). The control circuit operates with input voltages from 12 - 48 V for motors up to 250 W. The key feature of this design is that all electronic functions are designed with automotive qualified Nexperia discretes, MOSFETs and logic components (cost-effective, no microcontroller or software needed). In addition this H-bridge motor controller PCB allows the user to choose between three Nexperia MOSFET package options (LFPAK33, LFPAK56D or LFPAK56).

Key features & benefits

The H-bridge motor controller power supply circuit comprises of:

  • DC input stage with transient overvoltage and reverse voltage protection
  • 12 V output DC-to-DC buck converter stage
  • 5 V output linear regulator (for logic ICs) with status LED

Full schematics, Gerber files and BOM list available for download. 

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H-bridge DC motor reference design using Nexperia components

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