Servo motor drive

When it comes to industrial automation requiring precise and efficient positioning, drive speed and acceleration then 5-20 kW (20 kHz) servo motor drives are often one of the most common choices. Applications can range from relatively simple metal cutting and forming, through elevators and operating grippers to in-line manufacturing robotics. Typically, a permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) with a six-phase star-wound stator provides both stable and efficiency motor drive. 

Block diagram

Highlighted components are Nexperia focus products

Design considerations

  • Depending on design requirements, Nexperia can offer 600 V IGBTs, 650 V GAN FETs, low voltage GaN and MOSFETs for both the power supply and motor drive stages
  • Ensure your design meets regulations: ESD robustness of up to 15-20 kV according to IEC61000-4-2

MOSFET and GaN FET Handbook

Drawing on over 20 years’ of experience, the MOSFET and GaN FET Application Handbook: A Power Design Engineer’s Guide brings together a comprehensive set of learning and reference materials relating to the use of MOSFETs and GaN FETs in real world systems.

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