USB Type-C smartphone

Firmly ensconced in our lives, smartphones are indispensable tools for information, networking, entertainment and a whole range of services from banking to calorie counting. By adding wireless charging capability they are now more convenient than ever. Whether wired or wireless, our highly energy efficient and low power dissipation components help your designs achieve longer battery lifetimes.

Minimize space, maximize efficiency

The smartphone has become crucial to our daily lives, connecting us to the ‘cloud’ as well as a host of peripherals - from smartwatches and earbuds to smart speakers and mixed reality headsets. As a long-term partner to the mobile phone industry, our proven portfolio helps your designs meet even the most challenging footprint constraints.

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Industry leading protection for USB Type-C

Nexperia’s new ESD protection series for USB Type-C deliver industry’s highest surge robustness and lowest trigger voltage


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