Factory Automation and Industry 4.0

Industrial automation (Industry 4.0) and the smart factory have become a key focus as manufacturers move towards flexible production, predictive maintenance, and data-driven decision-making to deliver operational excellence and safety. To efficiently and precisely drive motors and actuators within factory automation, system designers need to combine multi-phase high-voltage systems with sensitive control electronics. Not only requiring enhancements in AC/DC (with PFC) and DC/DC conversion but in isolating sensitive 5 to 1.8 V control electronics, while also increasing the number of data input and output options operating at different voltage ratings.

Block diagram

Highlighted components are Nexperia focus products

Design considerations

  • In many factory automation applications thermal performance is critical and Nexperia's packaging options considerably lower thermal resistance
  • Lower switch losses further improve thermal behaviour
  • Reliable clip-bonding package technology for ensuring high anti stall robustness for motor drives
  • Given the environment and applications transient voltages and electrostatic discharges can occur more often, requiring proven ESD protection for MMI / HMI and displays protection
  • LFPAK and CFP allow a high-efficiency motor drive and DC/DC converter solutions while reducing costs (less heating to dissipate, smaller inductance and capacitor)

A deep understanding of factory automation

Building smart factory automation solutions requires key industry insights. Just as Nexperia's equipment and automation partner ITEC has benefited from understading semiconductor industry requirements, Nexperia also has had an intimate view on the requirements of factory automation. 


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