Inverter for aux. and e-compressor

An internal combustion engine provides more than just traction power to the wheels, it also powers auxiliary loads such as compressors and pumps for brakes, suspension, heating and coolants. In battery or hybrid vehicles these auxiliaries need to powered independently. Applications including cabin cooling & heating, battery thermal management (fast charging and driving) and drive-train cooling require three-phase inverters typically rated from 2 kW to 10 kW. A single-phase inverter can also be used to provide an auxillary AC mains output to power various external devices.

Block diagram

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Design considerations

  • To maximise range, inverters need to be extremely efficient yet at the same time be as small as possible, often with multiple dies per switch (4 – 8) and multiple switches per inverter cell
  • Using GaN FETs eliminates the need for a separate body diode in the inverter switches.
  • AC outlet - usually fixed frequency and voltage amplitude, passive filter required for high signal fidelity and low distortion (low THD)

MOSFET and GaN FET Handbook

Drawing on over 20 years’ of experience, the MOSFET and GaN FET Application Handbook: A Power Design Engineer’s Guide brings together a comprehensive set of learning and reference materials relating to the use of MOSFETs and GaN FETs in real world systems.

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