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Nexperia doesn’t just develop high-performance power products and innovative power technologies. We also create the most advanced tools to provide knowledge, learning, and support for design engineers.

Learn more about our electrothermal MOSFET models, try out our interactive application notes, watch our quick learning videos or download the MOSFET and GaN FET Application Handbook: A Power Design Engineer’s Guide.


Interactive Datasheets

Interactive Datasheets

Pioneering interactive datasheets put MOSFET behavior analysis at engineers' fingertips. By manipulating interactive sliders, users can manually adjust voltages, current, temperature, and other conditions for their circuit application. Allowing engineers to observe instantly how the device's operating point dynamically responds.

Offering real-time visualisation of parameter interactions and eliminating the need for manual calculations or setting up and debugging a circuit simulation, thereby significantly increasing productivity.

Look out for the interactive datasheets button at the top of the product page.

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Electrothermal MOSFET models

Electrothermal MOSFET models

Validating circuit designs when using Power MOSFETs can be a challenging process. Accurate modelling of the dynamic characteristics of the device is key to EMI consideration. If the model is not realistic, EMC problems cannot be recognized thereby causing issues down the line, likely when the designer has already committed to layout.

With Nexperia's new electrothermal MOSFET model, the engineer is provided the capability to validate their circuit design during the preliminary stage of the project.

Learn more about using electrothermal models through our comprehensive how-to-guide, including worked simulations.

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Quick Learning Videos

Want to understand which parameters to look out for on a datasheet? Do you need to know design considerations you should take when using sub-milliohm MOSFETs? Or do you want to know how to assess switching performances? Let Nexperia’s engineering community help you to gain new insights.

By Engineers, for Engineers. Click here to see the full Quick Learning playlist.

Interactive Application Notes

Interactive Application Notes

Nexperia interactive application notes use PartQuest Explore simulations to bring traditional written application notes to life. Providing guidelines for various power designs and topologies using embedded simulations to enhance your user experience.

Using SPICE and VHDL-AMS modelling to allow you to model any physical system such as electronic, mechanical, pneumatic, electromechanical and thermal components, enabling you to optimise your design more accurately.

MOSFET and GaN FET Application Handbook

The second edition to the hugely popular MOSFET application handbook, the updated version is a unique collection of technical materials and application notes providing essential and up-to-date information for anybody tasked with integrating MOSFETs and GaN FETs into real-world systems.

Written by engineers – for engineers - we share expertise and learnings that our engineering teams have built up over many years of helping customers in a variety of sectors take their applications from initial concept, though prototyping and on into final production.

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