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Subsystems - Power conversion

Virtually every electronic device relies on some form of power conversion. Whether it is transforming AC grid power into a DC power rail, boosting a DC battery voltage or simply handling the increasingly diverse range of power rails in today’s electronic systems. The complexity of power needs continues to be matched by new and innovative power conversion topologies to meet rising performance and efficiency requirements.


Any electronic system that is connected to the mains supply requires AC/DC conversion. That can be simple linear non-isolated conversion or an choice of isolated systems. Isolation can be done before or after the switching rectifier stage, depending on voltage, current and price of the complete solution. Putting the transformer before the rectifier allows for lower voltage switches but requires more copper rings in the transformer – so looking at the complete BOM is key to finding the right balance of cost and performance. Nexperia’s solutions cover a range of topologies including PFC and Vienna.


When it comes to DC/DC conversion there are multiple different topologies to match the increasing variety of conversion requirements - whether it is creating a 3.3 V power rail from a battery supply or boosting up a supply voltage to power 3-phase high-voltage industrial equiplment. From relatively simple and cost-effective single-ended primary-inductor converter (SEPIC) topology right up to soft-switching GaN-based resonant LLC conversion, Nexperia’s portfolio covers them all.