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Battery-powered motor control drive (25-100 V)

Thanks to the rise of powerful motors which can be driven by a heavy duty lithium battery that can be charged quickly, cordless devices are quickly replacing a whole range of mains-powered consumer and industrial equipment from power tools to vacuum cleaners. With more power comes the need for greater safety, as set by new standards such as UL2595. Our MOSFETs combine the power and packages you need, without sacrificing safety.

Block diagram

Highlighted components are Nexperia focus products

Design considerations

  • Trend is towards PWM driven Brushless DC motor control 
  • Motor Drive MOSFETs must handle peak high current demands with low RDSon and good thermal impedance
  • MOSFET with strong linear mode performance may be required for reverse battery protection if overload conditions reduce battery and gate voltages
  • MOSFETs may need to meet specific spacing requirements like UL2595
  • Charge balancing MOSFETs optimised for small form factor usually housed in removable battery pack – one for each cell

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