Delivering the energy efficiency, power miniaturization and system reliability demanded by industrial and infrastructure applications is a constant effort. From hot-swappable systems to parallel MOSFETs running very high currents, our latest products deliver power and space efficiencies. 

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Balanced current sharing between parallel MOSFETs

On demand video

July 2 - 10:00-12:00 CEST

  • On demand demonstrator videos
    • Balanced current sharing between parallel MOSFETs
    • High current 3-phase BLDC motor drive application using LFPAK88 MOSFETs
    • Using Power MOSFETs to handle high currents up to 380 A
    • instagrid – portable power for professionals
  • 10:00 CEST 25 mins
    Design insights: motor control in battery powered products and Key MOSFET parameters Steven Waterhouse & Sami Ould-ahmed

    DC motors come in different types, sizes & power requirements they are optimised according to the targeted application.   

    3 phase Brushless DC (BLDC) allows precision speed control and improved drive efficiency for industrial applications, Motors used require smaller magnets allowing for smaller and lighter end solutions.

    BLDC controllers for High power motors may use several MOSFETs in parallel, and high Power Battery packs used to drive these Motors require special consideration for charge and discharge to ensure safe operation, these topics are all discussed in this and subsequent sessions.

  • 10:30 CEST 25 mins
    Technology insight : MOSFETs for use in high continuous current applications Steven Waterhouse & Sami Ould-ahmed

    Many high power applications require a MOSFET to operate at very high continuous current for normal operation and/or expected fault conditions.   

    Nexperia MOSFETs show how high continuous current such as 380A in 5x6mm & 425A in 8x8mm can be achieved with LFPAK package as opposed to other packages such wire-bond where the limits are much lower.

    Limiting factors such as thermal, PCBs and layout will be discussed. We will also discuss what defines continuous, and how it applies in real life applications.

  • 11:00 CEST 25 mins
    Technology insight: Parallel multiple MOSFETs using optimized current sharing technology Steven Waterhouse & Stein Nesbakk

    In High Power Applications, such as Motor Control, one MOSFET may not be enough – hence paralleling MOSFETs becomes a necessary solution. To achieve a reliable design that shares and stresses the devices equally, it is common to request semiconductor manufacturers to provide parts with matched threshold voltages.

    However, even with very tightly controlled production facilities there is an inevitable spread in the threshold voltage across the wafer. Any effort to provide matched Vth will require special screening and sorting that can result in yield loss, thus affecting the cost of the devices supplied.

    Nexperia have developed a new and unique MOSFET with improved current sharing capability when used in parallel which no longer relies on matched threshold voltages. These MOSFETs will be discussed in detail with test results shared and discussion for benefits this technology provides.

  • 11:30 CEST 25 mins
    instagrid – portable power for professionals Jakob Gantenbein
    Electrical Engineer - Instagrid

    Building the worlds most advanced portable power supply with up to 230V / 3600W continuous power, and long run time, along with the portability to transport and use by hand, Instagrid's innovative engineering leads the way in a new decade of battery power.

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Power MOSFET Product Development Engineer.  Manchester, UK

Nexperia's Innovation team has opportunities for Product Development Engineers. Reporting to the Product Development Manager, these roles are critical in the design and release of new Power MOSFET products to market. Leading the delivery of new product and portfolio releases to market, working closely with other key areas of the business to ensure that new product releases meet customer specifications, as well as reliability and manufacturability requirements.

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MOS Quality Architect. Manchester, UK

As MOS Quality Architect, you will take ownership for the quality of MOS qualification strategies, ensure plans deliver on quality requirements at product releases, and maintain an approach to qualification of products that achieves safe launch with immediate zero defect performance.  In addition, you will lead and carry out project based quality improvement activities and robustness investigations.

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Chris Boyce
Chris Boyce Marketing & Product Group Director - Power MOSFETs
Sami Ould-ahmed
Sami Ould-ahmed Senior Application Engineer - Power MOSFETs
Stein Nesbakk
Stein Nesbakk Application Engineer - Power MOSFETs
Steven Waterhouse
Steven Waterhouse Product & Marketing Manager - Power MOSFETs
Jakob Gantenbein
Jakob Gantenbein Electrical Engineer - Instagrid