Getting the right power density is increasingly critical in today’s designs. As the innovators of the industry-standard LFPAK we continue to drive package innovation to meet the most demanding power applications.


Using Power MOSFETs to handle high currents up to 380 A

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July 3 - 14:00-16:00 CEST

  • On demand demonstrator videos
    • Using Power MOSFETs to handle high currents up to 380 A
    • LFPAK88 - the automotive MOSFET package driving power density to the next level
    • Enhancing thermal performance of CFP60 with top side cooling
    • Copper-clip SMD CCPAK GaN FET package in half-bridge evaluation board
  • 14:00 CEST 25 mins
    Under the hood of the LFPAK Chris Boyce & Sami Ould-ahmed

    Nexperia pioneered the copper-clip SMD power package almost two decades ago.  With years of experience, shipping billions of high-reliability products into the automotive industry, what makes this package so unique?  And how have we taken that experience and applied it to an extended package family offering?

  • 14:30 CEST 25 min
    Technology Insight: MOSFETs for use in high continuous current applications Steven Waterhouse & Sami Ould-ahmed

    Many high power applications require a MOSFET to operate at very high continuous current for normal operation and/or expected fault conditions.   

    NEXPERIA MOSFETs show how high continuous current such as 380A in 5x6mm & 425A in 8x8mm can be achieved with LFPPAK package as opposed to other packages such wire-bond where the limits are much lower.
    Limiting factors such as thermal, PCBs, layout and other will be discussed. We will also what defines continuous and how it is application in real life application.

  • 15:00 CEST 25 mins
    Thermal performance advantage of clip-bond FlatPower package CFP60 with top side cooling Nima Lotfi & Pedram Zoroofchi

    Sophisticated package technology combined with efficient cooling is a prerequisite when moving to high power density design. We review the results of our top side cooling demonstrator that utilizes a CFP60 and the footprint compatible D2PAK. The clip-bond package stays 34°C cooler or dissipates more power. And we will show you why!

  • 15:30 CEST 25 mins
    CCPAK and next generation HV power GaN technology Dilder Chowdhury & Jim Honea

    Next generation HV power GaN FET technology to combined with innovative low parasitic high performance package based on copper clip technology for high power applications. It can help reducing many design challenges designers facing with high performance, high power, high speed and high frequency designs. This high reliability technology also help easy SMD manufacturing.

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Power MOSFET Product Development Engineer.  Manchester, UK

Nexperia's Innovation team has opportunities for Product Development Engineers. Reporting to the Product Development Manager, these roles are critical in the design and release of new Power MOSFET products to market. Leading the delivery of new product and portfolio releases to market, working closely with other key areas of the business to ensure that new product releases meet customer specifications, as well as reliability and manufacturability requirements.

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Expert for Power Semiconductor Devices. Hamburg, Germany

In this exciting role you will be responsible for the development of power semiconductor products.  Working in an engaged multi-cultural team with a global footprint, including co-operation with internal and external development and production partners.  Whilst leading responsibility for functionality & performance of the final product, this role also works together with simulations, layout and manufacturing teams, including developing and implementing new technology concepts to manufacturing, as well as supporting the definition of test structures for technology characterization.

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Chris Boyce
Chris Boyce Marketing & Product Group Director - Power MOSFETs
Dilder Chowdhury
Dilder Chowdhury Strategic Marketing Director - GaN FETs
Jim Honea
Jim Honea GaN Applications Director
Nima Lotfi
Nima Lotfi Application Marketing Manager
Pedram Zoroofchi
Pedram Zoroofchi Jr. Product Manager
Sami Ould-ahmed
Sami Ould-ahmed Senior Application Engineer - Power MOSFETs
Stein Nesbakk
Stein Nesbakk Application Engineer - Power MOSFETs
Steven Waterhouse
Steven Waterhouse Product & Marketing Manager - Power MOSFETs