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Quad low-to-high voltage translator with 3-state outputs

The HEF4104B is a quad low voltage-to-high voltage translator with 3-state outputs. It provides the capability of interfacing low voltage circuits to high voltage circuits. For example low voltage Local Oxidation Complementary MOS (LOCMOS) and Transistor-Transistor Logic (TTL) to high voltage LOCMOS. It has four data inputs (A0 to A3), an active HIGH output enable input (OE), four data outputs (B0 to B3) and their complements (B0 to B3).

With OE = HIGH, the outputs B0 to B3 and B0 to B3 are in the low impedance ON-state, either HIGH or LOW as determined by the inputs A0 to A3. With OE = LOW, the outputs B0 to B3 and B0 to B3 are in the high-impedance OFF-state.

It uses a common negative supply (VSS) and separate positive supplies for the inputs (VDD(A)) and the outputs (VDD(B)). VDD(A) must always be less than or equal to VDD(B), even during power turn-on and turn-off.

Each input protection circuit is terminated between VDD(B) and VSS. This allows the input signals to be driven from any potential between VDD(B) and VSS, without regard to current limiting. When driving from potentials greater than VDD(B) or less than VSS, the current at each input must be limited to 10 mA.

It operates over a recommended VDD power supply range of 3 V to 15 V referenced to VSS (usually ground). Unused inputs must be connected to VDD, VSS, or another input.

Orderable parts

Type number Orderable part number Ordering code (12NC) Package Buy from distributors
HEF4104BT HEF4104BT,653 933373140653 SOT109-1 Order product
HEF4104BT HEF4104BT,652 933373140652 SOT109-1 Order product

Features and benefits

  • Fully static operation
  • 5 V, 10 V, and 15 V parametric ratings
  • Standardized symmetrical output characteristics
  • Inputs and outputs are protected against electrostatic effects
  • Specified from -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Complies with JEDEC standard JESD 13-B



Type numberProduct statusVCC(A) (V)VCC(B) (V)Logic switching levelsOutput drive capability (mA)tpd (ns)No of bitsPower dissipation considerationsRth(j-a) (K/W)Rth(j-c) (K/W)Package name
HEF4104BTProduction3.0 - 15.03.0 - 15.0CMOS± 2.434016medium8038.4SO16


Type numberOrderable part number, (Ordering code (12NC))StatusMarkingPackagePackage informationReflow-/Wave solderingPacking
( 9333 731 40653 )
Reel 13" Q1/T1 CECC
( 9333 731 40652 )
ActiveHEF4104BTBulk Pack, CECC

Quality, reliability & chemical content

Type numberOrderable part numberChemical contentRoHS / RHFEFRIFRMTBF (hour)MSLMSL leadfree
Quality and reliability disclaimer

Documentation (5)

File nameTitleTypeDate
HEF4104BQuad low-to-high voltage translator with 3-state outputsData sheet2017-03-17
AN11051Pin FMEA HEF4000 familyApplication note2019-01-09
Nexperia_document_guide_Logic_translators_201711Nexperia Logic TranslatorsBrochure2017-12-05
SO-SOJ-REFLOWFootprint for reflow solderingReflow soldering2009-10-08
SO-SOJ-WAVEFootprint for wave solderingWave soldering2009-10-08


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Ordering, pricing & availability

Type numberOrderable part numberOrdering code (12NC)PackingBuy online
HEF4104BTHEF4104BT,653933373140653Reel 13" Q1/T1 CECCOrder product
HEF4104BTHEF4104BT,652933373140652Bulk Pack, CECCOrder product


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