Focus MOSFET application – Braking (ABS)

Robust MOSFETs in compact footprint

Application Considerations

Anti-locking braking systems are used on most vehicles to maintain contact with the road surface and prevent skidding in poor braking conditions such as icy or wet roads.

A pump motor is use to re-pressurize the systems when the ABS system operates. Typically a single MOSFET is used for one direction ON-OFF pump motor control with PWM used to give speed control. No freewheel diode used in high-side version with the MOSFET clamping (linear mode) when the motor is switched off.

Solenoids are used for controlling brake pressure. Low-side MOSFETs are used for solenoid driving and body diode is avalanched to improve solenoid drop out time. The MOSFET must be avalanche rugged.

Reverse polarity protection can be added using another single MOSFET with a simple gate drive.

The safety switch MOSFET is normally continuously ON.


LFPAK56 (Single & Dual Power-SO8) MOSFETs are ideally suited to provide compact and thermally stable solutions for braking systems.

Main benefits:

  • Robust product using advanced copper clip technology
  • Excellent current handling
  • Compact footprint

D2PAK MOSFETs can provide solutions for the safety switch and reverse polarity protection tasks. The reverse polarity protection device could be a 30 V low RDSon MOSFET.

Main benefits:

  • Low on-resistance
  • Low thermal resistance
  • Highest current handling capability

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Focus MOSFET application – Braking (ABS)
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Type number Description Status Quick access
BUK762R0-40E N-channel TrenchMOS standard level FET Production
BUK762R4-60E N-channel TrenchMOS standard level FET Production
BUK762R9-40E N-channel TrenchMOS standard level FET Production
BUK763R1-60E N-channel TrenchMOS standard level FET Production
BUK7K6R2-40E Dual N-channel 40 V, 5.8 mΩ standard level MOSFET Production
BUK9K6R2-40E Dual N-channel TrenchMOS logic level FET Production
BUK9M24-60E N-channel 60 V, 24 mΩ logic level MOSFET in LFPAK33 Production
BUK9Y3R0-40E N-channel 40 V 3.0 mΩ logic level MOSFET in LFPAK56 Production
BUK9Y4R8-60E N-channel 60 V, 4.8 mΩ logic level MOSFET in LFPAK56 Production
BUK9Y59-60E N-channel 60 V, 59 mΩ logic level MOSFET in LFPAK56 Production


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