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Efficient switching in a 5x6 footprint

Efficient switching in a 5x6 footprint

The 5 x 6 mm SO8 footprint is recognized as the industry standard footprint for power MOSFETs. Encapsulating the learning of 20 years of LFPAK developments, the MLPAK56 MOSFETs family offers optimized RDS(on) in broad portfolio in a micro-lead package for a range of consumer and industrial applications.

Key features and benefits

  • Optimized MOSFET performance in compact footprint (30 mm²)
  • Low RDS(on) down to 0.9 mΩ (30 V)
  • Expanding range of 30 V, 60 V and 100 V devices
  • Exposed heat sink for low thermal resistance
  • Industry standard, 5 x 6 mm footprint


  • Brushless DC motor control
  • DC to DC solutions 
  • Low-power adaptors
  • PC power supplies
  • Power tools (battery powered)



Type number Description Status Quick access
PXN0R9-30RLA N-channel 30 V, 0.97 mOhm, logic level Trench MOSFET in MLPAK56 Development
PXN1R3-30RLA N-channel 30 V, 1.3 mOhm, logic level Trench MOSFET in MLPAK56 Development
PXN1R7-30RLA N-channel 30 V, 1.7 mOhm, logic level Trench MOSFET in MLPAK56 Development
PXN2R2-30RLA N-channel 30 V, 2.2 mOhm, logic level Trench MOSFET in MLPAK56 Development
PXN3R0-30RLA N-channel 30 V, 3.0 mOhm, logic level Trench MOSFET in MLPAK56 Development


File name Title Type Date
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AN11160 Designing RC Snubbers Application note 2023-02-03
AN11156 Using Power MOSFET Zth Curves Application note 2021-01-04
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MLPAK56_combi MLPAK56 MARCOM image Marcom graphics 2023-10-17

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