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  • Gain expert opinions and insights, including appearances from our valued business partners including Ricardo and Instagrid


  • Highlights

    Design insights
    Parallel multiple MOSFETs using optimized current sharing technology

    Case Study
    instagrid – portable power for professionals

    Technology insights
    Logic for Automotive and Industrial applications

    Design insights
    Motor control in battery powered products and key MOSFET parameters

    Product demonstrator
    High current 3-phase BLDC motor drive using LFPAK88 MOSFETs


  • Highlights

    Product demonstrator
    Automotive 48V/12V bidirectional DC/DC converter

    Technology insights
    Under the hood of LFPAK88

    Technology insights
    ESD protection for automotive interfaces

    Technology insights
    Technologies for automotive hybrid vehicles

    Technology insights
    Logic for Automotive and Industrial Applications


  • Highlights

    Technology insights
    Fundamentals of ESD Protection

    Product introduction
    DFN0606 small signal MOSFETs for mobile and wearables

    Technology insights 
    I²C bus repeaters and autosense voltage translators

    Product introduction
    Introducing TrEOS protection for USB Type-C®


Gallium Nitride (GaN)

  • Highlights

    Product demonstrator
    Copper-clip SMD CCPAK GaN FET package in half-bridge evaluation board

    Case Study
    Nexperia partners with Ricardo to develop GaN based EV inverter design

    Panel Talk
    Using GaN technology for EV: Nexperia & Ricardo

    Design insights
    Common application issues with GaN FETs

    Technology insights
    CCPAK and next generation HV power GaN technology

Free Design Engineer Guides

The Nexperia library of Design Engineer’s Guides provide a technical encyclopedia to help you optimize your electronic designs. A collection of technical and application insights ‘from engineer to engineer’, we share expertise and learnings that Nexperia’s engineering teams have built up over many years of helping customers in a variety of sectors take their applications from initial concept, though prototyping and on into final production.

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Andre Dressler
Andre Dressler Global Marketing Manager
Andreas Hardock
Andreas Hardock Application Marketing Manager ESD Protection & EMI
Andrew Thomson
Andrew Thomson Principle Application Engineer
Burkhard Laue
Burkhard Laue Application Support Manager
Ashish Jha
Ashish Jha Global Product Manager
Chris Boyce
Chris Boyce Marketing & Product Group Director - Power MOSFETs
Christian Backhaus
Christian Backhaus Application Marketing Manager
Dilder Chowdhury
Dilder Chowdhury Strategic Marketing Director - GaN FETs
Ian Kennedy
Ian Kennedy Strategic Marketing Manager - MOSFETs
Jim Honea
Jim Honea GaN Applications Director
Lukas Droemer
Lukas Droemer Application Marketing Manager ESD Protection & EMI
Malte Struck
Malte Struck Product Marketing Manager - MOSFETs
Michael LeGoff
Michael LeGoff General Manager - GaN Product Group
Will Drury
Will Drury UK Research & Innovation (UKRI)
Nima Lotfi
Nima Lotfi Application Marketing Manager
Norman Stapelberg
Norman Stapelberg Product Marketing Manager
Pedram Zoroofchi
Pedram Zoroofchi Jr. Product Manager
Reza Behtash
Reza Behtash Application Marketing Manager
Sami Ould-Ahmed
Sami Ould-Ahmed Application Engineering Manager
Sebastian Fahlbusch
Sebastian Fahlbusch Application Marketing Manager
Stein Nesbakk
Stein Nesbakk Power Applications Engineer
Steven Waterhouse
Steven Waterhouse Product Marketing Manager
Tom Wolf
Tom Wolf Senior Technical Applications Manager
Ali Aneissi
Ali Aneissi PhD Student, Helmut Schmidt University
Jakob Gantenbein
Jakob Gantenbein Electrical Engineer - Instagrid
Simon Ansell
Simon Ansell Principle Engineer - Ricardo
James Hoyle
James Hoyle Senior Engineer - Ricardo