Keeping industry running

With the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0, the industrial environment is changing constantly towards energy efficiency, power miniaturization and system reliability. Companies and hardware engineers need to adapt and develop their designs, products and processes accordingly. Manufacturing automation requires machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, while human-machine-interfaces (HMIs) become portable. The result is power supplies and motor controls are required to become progressively smaller and more efficient.

At Nexperia we support all these trends. But it takes more to address the needs of Industrial and Power customers. It requires proven quality and stable high-volume supply alongside lifetime reliability and product longevity. By producing over 100 billion products annually across a broad portfolio of products and packages, Nexperia keeps the industry running.

Factory automation

From manufacturing and process control to robotics, building management and medical systems – automation is today’s ‘key’ word. Because automation not only provides greater control, it makes the best use of available resources, 24/7. But that means efficient 12 V / 24 V / 48 V power supplies, soft-start and hot swappable devices, and extremely light but powerful motors. And with the rising number of sensors, actuators and electronic control circuits, it also means robust system protection and EMI filtering.

Power & Energy

Growing pressure from society and increasing legislation for reduced CO2 emissions, is pushing industries from automotive to telecoms to invest in more efficient power conversion and increased electrification. Efficient power use is a key industrial challenge and a driver for innovation. In industrial infrastructure sectors operating high-load 24/7 systems, every bit of efficiency gain can have a significant impact on operating cost. It also means looking at and improving a whole range of power and energy applications from high-current Battery Management Systems right through to renewable power sources.


Power tools

From household appliances to power tools, powerful PWM driven brushless DC motors have become the norm. With such a diverse range, different applications require different optimizations. Often small battery driven applications need to be extremely efficient in terms of power, size and noise. Alternatively, balanced current-sharing can be key for large multi-cell mobility systems where multiple MOSFETs are used in parallel.

Electric Mobility

From forklift trucks and golf carts to ebikes, hoverboards and escooters – electric mobility is significantly changing the way we and goods move about. One thing all these mobility options have in common is their integrated electric motor and rechargeable battery cells, making them eco-friendly, zero-emission vehicles. Slim and space optimized designs with high power density are essential to support state-of-the-art concepts.

5G infrastructure, Datacenters & Servers

Data demands are constantly rising and 5G data and communications infrastructure will be vital for the next generation of Edge cloud computing, IoT devices, Intelligent Transport Systems and of course live streaming of high-definition AR / VR video. When people think about high performance computing and rack-based server systems, the focus quite rightly is on processing power and performance. But of course, powering and transferring data efficiently is critical from a system perspective, as is being able to easily swap out and back in individual boards into live systems.

Related Topics

Reliable high-volume supply chain management

Automation plays a role in virtually every system, which leads to a wide range of performance and specification requirements. With more than 10,000 product types and capacity for over 90 billion devices every year, Nexperia can match your long-term needs.

Long-term commitment  

For some applications six months can feel like a lifetime but for others a decade can easily be the operational standard. Nexperia’s lifetime reliability and product longevity ensure that we are there to support you for the long-term.

Living with automation innovation

Understanding how to best innovate for industrial automation requires real insight into the business. As we design and build discrete semiconductor assembly equipment ourselves (ITEC) we definitely see the bigger picture.