ADAS radar sensor module

In the last few years the innovation in Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) radar sensor modules has been massive. We now have options for long, medium, short and ultra-short range sensing along with different radar frequencies and LIDAR. For full and advanced system warnings all these solutions are needed, with multiple sensors for each option multiplexed together for complete 360 degree coverage.


Block diagram

TVSdiode ballasttransistor ESDdiode VCCA VCCB RadarFront-endIC BATTERY Radar MCU SBC Ethernet aaa-028525 Reverse batteryprotection 12 V Highlighted components are Nexperia focus products.

Transient Voltage Suppressors (TVS)

Ballast transistor

ESD protection

Voltage translation

Buck converter for radar front-end

Buck converter for radar front-end

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Design considerations

  • With various radar options and multiple sensors needed for full 360 degree sensing space is extremely limited
  • Move to ‘postage stamp’ radar sensor modules to save overall system space
  • Move to CFP and LFPAK packages for space saving, thermal efficiency and system robustness

Product listing

Improve accuracy of AOI in PCB production by using modern package technology

To enhance AOI Nexperia has introduced its new lead shape which is featured in packages such as the CFP15B and CFP2-HP. Watch this video and learn how this new lead shape delivers a more uniform solder joint which is easier to detect with AOI.