Cooling Fan

Thermal energy flows in and around a vehicle are vital and the role of the cooling fans even in hybrid and battery driven vehicles is critical. This helps maintain the optimal temperature range while lowering fuel consumption and emissions. These cooling fans tend to be high power systems often operating up to 1.2 kW

Block diagram

Design considerations

1.2 kW Brushless DC motor drive

  • LDC preferred for controllability and low power performance

Controlled by 6 MOSFETs operated with PWM

  • puts the focus on switching losses and EMC performance
  • power saving of 100 W on average
  • emission reduction of approx. 0.24 kg CO2 per 100 km.

Automotive relay replacement - Reliability meets space savings

A relay is often perceived as the ideal device with perfect input/output isolation. Unfortunately, this is not the case. MOSFETs are rapidly becoming the option of choice offer reliability and space savings. 

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