Chemical content 74HCT193D-Q100

As a proactive and sustainable company, Nexperia has decided to publish chemical content information of its product portfolio through direct Internet access. With this information, we can provide data to our customers to facilitate any assessment regarding compliance to the RoHS directive and lead-free status. Nexperia has set a standard in the semiconductor business with this detailed level of data, directly retrieved from its general product database. Nexperia products are compliant to the EU Directives RoHS, ELV and the China RoHS. Please see also our Restricted Substances Declaration.

Type numberPackagePackage descriptionTotal product weight
74HCT193D-Q100SOT109-1SO16163.87947 mg
12NCVersionPb-free solderingPb solderingNumber of processing cyclesAssembly siteRHF-indicator
9353004511186126030 s123520 s3Suzhou, China; Bangkok, Thailand; Nijmegen, Netherlands 
SubpartMaterial groupSubstancesCAS numberMass(mg)Mass(%) of subpartMass(%) of total product
AdhesiveFillerSilver (Ag)7440-22-40.0155877.900000.00951
PolymerAcrylic resinProprietary0.0030415.200000.00186
Resin systemProprietary0.001386.900000.00084
DieDoped siliconSilicon (Si)7440-21-32.04884100.000001.25021
Lead Frame MaterialCopper alloyCopper (Cu)7440-50-854.6301297.4700033.33555
Iron (Fe)7439-89-61.345162.400000.82082
Phosphorus (P)7723-14-00.016810.030000.01026
Zinc (Zn)7440-66-60.056050.100000.03420
Mould CompoundAdditiveNon hazardousProprietary4.899614.700002.98976
FillerSilica fused60676-86-082.3551379.0000050.25348
Flame retardantMagnesium Hydroxide (Mg(OH)2)1309-42-86.254826.000003.81672
PigmentCarbon black1333-86-40.208490.200000.12722
Polymer1,4-Bis(methoxymethyl)benzene/phenol copolymer26834-02-64.169884.000002.54448
Non hazardousProprietary4.274134.100002.60809
Tetramethylbiphenyl diglycidyl ether85954-11-62.084942.000001.27224
Pre-PlatingPure metal layerGold (Au)7440-57-50.042683.000000.02605
Nickel (Ni)7440-02-01.3132192.300000.80133
Palladium (Pd)7440-05-30.044113.100000.02691
Silver (Ag)7440-22-40.022761.600000.01389
WirePure metalCopper (Cu)7440-50-80.09272100.000000.05658
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