Chemical content PTVS10VU1UPA

Nexperia is committed to being a proactive and sustainable company, which is why chemical content information for our semiconductor products is publicly available from our website. This data serves our customers with the relevant information to assess compliance with national and international legal standards, including EU/CN RoHS, REACH, and California Proposition 65. With this detailed level of data directly retrieved from our product database, Nexperia is sticking to the highest standards in semiconductor industry. Further information is available under Environment.

Type numberPackagePackage descriptionTotal product weight
PTVS10VU1UPASOT1061HUSON38.06751 mg
12NCVersionPb-free solderingPb solderingNumber of processing cyclesAssembly siteRHF-indicator
934068079147612601235Dongguan, China; D-22529 HAMBURG, Germany; Seremban, Malaysia 
SubpartMaterial groupSubstancesCAS numberMass(mg)Mass(%) of subpartMass(%) of total product
AdhesiveAdditiveNon hazardousProprietary0.001101.000000.01363
FillerSilver (Ag)7440-22-40.0924084.000001.14533
PolymerBismaleimidodiphenylmethane resin 0.0110010.000000.13635
Isobornyl Methacrylate7534-94-30.005505.000000.06817
DieDoped siliconSilicon (Si)7440-21-30.68000100.000008.42887
Lead FrameCopper alloyCopper (Cu)7440-50-82.6413794.2000032.74081
Magnesium (Mg)7439-95-40.008410.300000.10427
Nickel (Ni)7440-02-00.098143.500001.21648
Silicon (Si)7440-21-30.024390.870000.30238
Pure metal layerGold (Au)7440-57-50.001120.040000.01390
Nickel (Ni)7440-02-00.028041.000000.34757
Palladium (Pd)7440-05-30.002520.090000.03128
Mould CompoundAdditiveNon hazardousProprietary0.017470.410000.21650
FillerSilica -amorphous-7631-86-90.012350.290000.15313
Silica fused60676-86-03.6699986.1500045.49099
HardenerPhenolic resinProprietary0.182754.290002.26531
PigmentCarbon black1333-86-40.008090.190000.10033
PolymerEpoxy resin systemProprietary0.369348.670004.57814
Post-PlatingImpurityLead (Pb)7439-92-10.000010.004500.00009
Non hazardousProprietary0.000090.055500.00117
Tin solderTin (Sn)7440-31-50.1699099.940002.10595
WireImpurityNon hazardousProprietary0.000000.010000.00005
Pure metalCopper (Cu)7440-50-80.0435099.990000.53921
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