Bipolar transistors


ESD protection, TVS, filtering and signal conditioning





Analog & Logic ICs

Automotive qualified products (AEC-Q100/Q101)

A wide range of bipolar transistors helps you easily fulfil your system requirements. That includes simple bipolar building blocks and a comprehensive range of space and cost saving resistor-equipped transistors right up to our Breakthrough In Small Signal series of low VCEsat devices. Our product technologies continually push energy efficiency, bringing power up and losses down, while our package innovations satisfy the demand for space-saving designs and cost-efficiency.

Focus Packages

Version Name Description Mounting method Surface mount Pins Pitch (mm) Footprint area (mm²) PDF
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Brochure (3)

File name Title Type Date
nexperia_BJT_Handbook_V2_240425_lowres nexperia_BJT_Handbook_V2_240425_lowres Brochure 2024-05-01
Nexperia_asset_document_brochure_autoDFN_CN_LR 小巧轻便的汽车 二极管和晶体管 Brochure 2022-04-26
Nexperia_document_brochure_DPAK_LFPAK_BJT_2021 Bipolar power transistors in DPAK and LFPAK - ensure the best fit for your power circuitry Brochure 2021-06-24

Leaflet (2)

File name Title Type Date
Nexperia_document_white-paper_RETs_CN RET器件提供一种稳定可靠、经济高效的方式, 可以直接从逻辑器件开关和驱动负载 Leaflet 2022-05-05
Nexperia_Leaflet_Q-portfolio_car Bipolar Discretes Q-portfolio Leaflet 2021-07-13

Marcom graphics (1)

File name Title Type Date
DFN2020-6_SOT1118_mk plastic, thermal enhanced ultra thin small outline package; no leads; 6 terminals; 0.65 mm pitch; 2 mm x 2 mm x 0.65 mm body Marcom graphics 2017-01-28

Selection guide (1)

File name Title Type Date
Nexperia_Selection_guide_2023 Nexperia Selection Guide 2023 Selection guide 2023-05-10

White paper (1)

File name Title Type Date
Nexperia_document_whitepaper_RET_devices_2021 Nexperia document whitepaper RET devices 2021 White paper 2022-09-21

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