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Every electronic design in the world can be made complete with Nexperia products. We are a successful and ambitious international company with global reach and exciting plans for extraordinary growth. For that, we need exceptional people, and we hope that includes you.

So, join us and become an essential part of our energetic team, in a thriving global community of talented, multidisciplinary professionals. As a vital part of TeamNexperia, you will be working on meaningful technologies that touch every aspect of modern life.

Working on meaningful technologies at Nexperia

Industry megatrends have huge influence on Nexperia's market and company. Discover our exciting plans for the future and take a look at how we'll address these changes. Join TeamNexperia to discover how you can be part of something bigger. Watch the video and learn more about how you could contribute to TeamNexperia and the work we do. 

Our Values

Our Values

Nexperia is founded on a set of Values that gives us direction and guidance on how we work best with each other and the world. Our Values help members of TeamNexperia to navigate effectively onwards and upwards within the company. 

They were formed organically over the early years of our company, reflecting the spirit of personal best-practice for our people. These Values are, in essence, our company culture, telling ourselves and the world who we are.


With Nexperia, you can bring your best life to life. Connect your unique skills with a world-class team and work together for an exceptional future.

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$2.4 billion

Annual revenue


Global market share

> 100 billion

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Nijmegen, The Netherlands


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Nexperia’s equipment and automation partner


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We have offices all over the world

We have offices all over the world

Nexperia has a global footprint and is headquartered in Nijmegen (Netherlands). We have numerous sites serving each of the three global regions Asia, Europe and the Americas all in close proximity to our key customers.

As a leading semiconductors company, Nexperia has a solid foundation for a future of tremendous growth and constant innovation. Ours is a continuing journey of discovery, shared by more than 14,000 talented individuals who form the unique TeamNexperia.

Our energetic global teams add value and meaning, collaborating across continents to achieve answers to real-world challenges. With advanced technologies and cutting-edge resources, Nexperia strives to create and be part of something bigger: a better world.

Why join TeamNexperia

Why join TeamNexperia

This is your opportunity to become an essential part of a growing global team doing ground-breaking work using leading-edge technologies. On top of a competitive salary and benefits package, you will enjoy support, guidance, training, tools and real opportunities for meaningful growth—professionally, personally and socially.

And together be part of something bigger, only at Nexperia.

We offer challenge and reward in equal measure, within a supportive environment that will encourage you to make the most of your skills and potential. With our modern cutting-edge facilities and resources in growing sites across the world, you could be developing new technologies or enhancing those that already exist.

I started as an intern, but came back for a career.

I started as an intern, but came back for a career.

Aanas Sayed
Applications Engineer

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