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Nexperia is a world-class company in semiconductor development and in-house production. We offer career growth and rewarding challenges in a wide range of roles. Together, more than 14,000 people work at Nexperia in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

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Nexperia is a worldwide network built on passion and commitment to our work, belief in our goals and a drive to succeed. We operate with a professionalism based on integrity and fairness, respect for our people and resources, and we persevere and take ownership to make things happen. We value this passion, professionalism and perseverance, with the highest levels of performance that sets us apart from our industry competitors.

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The people who work with Nexperia are part of a leading company that rewards, develops and challenges them equally. When you join us, you help complete a dedicated global team that leads the world in standard semiconductor production: more than 90 billion Discretes, Logic and MOSFET devices every year. Belong to this team and become part of a successful company that adds value to your career. Join us in the Efficiency Company – and become part of TeamNexperia.


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