Be part of something bigger

Work with each other and the world.

Our values reflect who we are as TeamNexperia and help us move onwards and upwards.

Our values

Our values

Nexperia is founded on a set of Values that gives us direction and guidance on how we work best with each other and the world. Our Values help members of TeamNexperia to navigate effectively onwards and upwards within the company. 

They were formed organically over the early years of our company, reflecting the spirit of personal best-practice for our people. These Values are, in essence, our company culture, telling ourselves and the world who we are.


We are determined to get things done, bringing energy to the task at hand, and vision to the goals ahead. We bring this passion to our work and our team, challenging each other to achieve the best.


Working with others, it is vital that we say what we do, and do what we say. This means being transparent and fair, working with integrity to create value for and with each other.


We innovate through challenges, taking ownership of the situation and pushing through barriers, persisting even when others tell us it can't be done. We don't give up on problems, we solve them.


We do great things, focusing on what is good for Nexperia and the world at large. This means being effective, both alone and in teams, working together to get great results at a high level.