Bipolar transistors


ESD protection, TVS, filtering and signal conditioning





Analog & Logic ICs

Automotive qualified products (AEC-Q100/Q101)

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With our diverse backgrounds, cultures and skill sets, we work with the advantage of having insights into multiple perspectives.

Our community

Nexperia is a global community of talented professionals. With our diverse backgrounds, cultures and skill sets, we work with the advantage of insight based on multiple perspectives. This means we know how to listen to different voices and ideas. We know how to look for the similarities, find the connections and create the solutions together as part of something bigger.

The better world we are working for includes the communities where we operate. Nexperia partners with local communities in initiatives to improve and maintain the environment, giving back to move forward. We work with local schools and colleges to encourage development and learning. And we work with local government to connect with the issues affecting the communities that we are part of.

International possibilities

International possibilities

Joining TeamNexperia means being part of an international community. We have career opportunities all over the globe. You can thrive in many ways, being supported by your colleagues along the way.

Want to know more about our career possibilities around the globe? Then take a look at our vacancies or send an e-mail to join TeamNexperia:

TeamNexperia: an active community!

TeamNexperia: an active community!

Joining our Nexperia community means you can actively be involved in one of our many communities. For example: 

  • Event teams
  • TeamNexperia Young
  • Community and Charity committees 
  • Sport committees 
  • Technical Communties 

And many others. Working for TeamNexperia doesn't mean just having nice colleagues. It is also about making potential friends for life.