Divider counters

Divide and counter with Nexperia’s clock solutions

Fully specified from -40 °C to 125 °C, our counters are available in a variety of packages. They include standard SO and TSSOP and, to help you save more board space, innovative leadless DQFN packages.

Key features and benefits

  • Clock generation
  • Clock division
  • Integrated oscillator
  • Low power cmos
  • TTL compatible inputs

Key applications

  • Timing applications
  • Clocks

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Type number Description Status Quick access
74AHC1G4208 8-stage divider and oscillator ACT
74AHC1G4208GW 8-stage divider and oscillator Production
74AHC1G4210 10-stage divider and oscillator ACT
74AHC1G4210GW 10-stage divider and oscillator Production
74AHC1G4212 12-stage divider and oscillator ACT
74AHC1G4212GW 12-stage divider and oscillator Production
74AHC1G4214 14-stage divider and oscillator ACT
74AHC1G4214GW 14-stage divider and oscillator Production
74AHC1G4215 15-stage divider and oscillator ACT
74AHC1G4215GW 15-stage divider and oscillator Production
HEF4060B 14-stage ripple-carry binary counter/divider and oscillator ACT
HEF4060BT 14-stage ripple-carry binary counter/divider and oscillator Production
HEF4060BTT 14-stage ripple-carry binary counter/divider and oscillator Production
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Marcom graphics (1)

File name Title Type Date
SO16_SOT109-1_mk plastic, small outline package; 16 leads; 1.27 mm pitch; 9.9 mm x 3.9 mm x 1.35 mm body Marcom graphics 2017-01-28

Selection guide (1)

File name Title Type Date
Nexperia_Selection_guide_2023 Nexperia Selection Guide 2023 Selection guide 2023-05-10

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