High-speed switching diodes

High-speed switching diodes, encapsulated in small Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) plastic packages.

Orderable parts

Type number Orderable part number Ordering code (12NC) Package Buy from distributors
BAV70 BAV70Z 933184910300 SOT23 Order product
BAV70 BAV70,215 933184910215 SOT23 Order product
BAV70 BAV70,235 933184910235 SOT23 Order product
BAV70 BAV70,185 933184910185 SOT23 Order product
BAV70/B BAV70/B,235 934059479235 SOT23 Order product
BAV70/B BAV70/B,215 934059479215 SOT23 Order product
BAV70/DG BAV70/DG,215 934062748215 SOT23 Order product


  • High switching speed: trr ≤ 4 ns
  • Low capacitance: Cd ≤ 1.5 pF
  • Low leakage current
  • Reverse voltage: VR ≤ 100 V
  • Small SMD plastic packages
  • AEC-Q101 qualified

Target applications

  • High-speed switching
  • General-purpose switching


Type numberPackage versionPackage nameSize (mm)VR [max] (V)IFSM [max] (A)VF [max] (mV)IR [max] (nA)IFRM (mA)Configurationtrr [max] (ns)IF [max] (mA)Cd [max] (pF)
BAV70SOT23SOT232.9 x 1.3 x 110041000@IF=50mA2500@VR=75V450dual c.c.42151.5


Type numberPackageOutline versionReflow-/Wave solderingPackingStatusMarkingOrderable part number, (Ordering code (12NC))

SOT23Multi-reel 11" T4/Q3 SMD Pitch 4mmSamples available / DevelopmentA4%BAV70Z
( 9331 849 10300 )
Reel 7" Q3/T4ActiveA4%BAV70,215
( 9331 849 10215 )
Reel 11" Q3/T4, LargePackActiveA4%BAV70,235
( 9331 849 10235 )

Quality, reliability & chemical content

Type numberOrderable part numberChemical contentRoHS / RHFLeadfree conversion dateEFRIFRMTBF (hour)MSLMSL leadfree
BAV70BAV70,215BAV70week 34, 2003358.01.666.02E811
BAV70BAV70,235BAV70week 34, 2003358.01.666.02E811
Quality and reliability disclaimer

Documentation (9)

File nameTitleTypeDate
BAV70_SERHigh-speed switching diodesData sheet2017-06-08
LSYMDIO-Design support1999-04-30
BAV70_Nexperia_Product_QualityBAV70 Nexperia Product QualityQuality document2019-05-20
BAV70_Nexperia_Product_ReliabilityBAV70 Nexperia Product ReliabilityQuality document2019-04-29
BAV70BAV70 SPICE modelSPICE model2014-01-21
SOT23_235Tape reel SMD; standard product orientation 12NC ending 235Packing2013-02-05
SOT23_185Tape reel SMD; standard product orientation 12NC ending 185Packing2012-11-16
SOT23_215Tape reel SMD; standard product orientation 12NC ending 215Packing2012-11-16
SOT23plastic, surface-mounted package; 3 terminals; 1.9 mm pitch; 2.9 mm x 1.3 mm x 1 mm bodyOutline drawing2019-01-09


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File nameTitleTypeDate
LSYMDIO-Design support1999-04-30
BAV70BAV70 SPICE modelSPICE model2014-01-21

Ordering, pricing & availability

Type numberOrderable part numberOrdering code (12NC)PackingBuy online
BAV70BAV70Z933184910300Multi-reel 11" T4/Q3 SMD Pitch 4mmOrder product
BAV70BAV70,215933184910215Reel 7" Q3/T4Order product
BAV70BAV70,235933184910235Reel 11" Q3/T4, LargePackOrder product
BAV70BAV70,185933184910185Reel 7" Q3/T4 Pitch 4mm in Multi reel packOrder product
BAV70/BBAV70/B,235934059479235Reel 11" Q3/T4, LargePackOrder product
BAV70/BBAV70/B,215934059479215Reel 7" Q3/T4Order product
BAV70/DGBAV70/DG,215934062748215Reel 7" Q3/T4Order product


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